MetaEssentials Frequently Asked Questions
What is a REX file?
REX file format was created by Propellerheads Software , the makers of Reason. Typically REX files are audio loops sliced up into little pieces by an application called "Recycle". Once sliced up, they can be played at different tempos and manipulated in various ways. This format has become a "standard" of sorts and can be read by many Digital Audio Workstations.
Can I load my own sounds into MetaCycle?
Sort of. MetaCycle only reads REX files. You can, however, make your own REX files with Recycle and since MetaCycle exports all the individual samples and creates a MetaSynth MultiSampler, you are able to change these sounds in MetaSynth.
How is this different than the "shuffler" that comes in MetaSynth?
The major differences between MetaSynth's own "shuffler" and what MetaCycle exports is that the loop's tempo can be changed in the original loop and all of the sample slices can have their own length. Also, the original feel or groove of the loop is retained and, if you want you can quantize this loop in MetaCycle before it is exported. The shuffler in MetaSynth can certainly be used after a loop is rendered for even more variations.
Where can I get REX files?
MetaCycle comes with a set of REX to get you started and there are plenty of third party REX libraries available. You can do a search on the net. Also, there are lots of free REX files around so look for those too. ...and keep looking here...We have some great things planned!!
Will MidiPix play back what I've played?
Not Yet. ;)
  How can I exchange samples or build my own drumkit?  
  You can load your own samples into MSBB by control-clicking on a sample name cell.  
  How do I change the name of my kit?  
  The kit name is located at the bottom middle of the window next to the Load/Save/New buttons. Clicking in this window will allow you to change it's name.  
  Will BeatBox ever export all my patterns to a MetaSynth Preset?  
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