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"This little app rocks - love the real time testing and exploring that can go on!" - tb

"...a very useful addition to the MetaSynth universe." - gb

"This is fun to work with, and being able to save the pattern as a pict for MS is very nice." - hk

MetaSynth is such a deep program, and if you're into making rhythms, MSBeatBox can assist you! It has a "traditional" style note grid that will
  Download Demo
draw a line on the canvas corresponding to that note! The finished picture and patterns can be saved and imported into MetaSynth for further tweaking! Samples can be loaded and panned. Drum kits can be saved and reloaded. Patterns can also be saved! Add some swing, and you're ready to go deeper! MSBeatBox also comes with a corresponding MetaSynth instrument, so you can get started right away.

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Here's an example of rhythms created in using MSBeatBox. This example uses the extra FREE kits provided. This is ONLY MSBeatBox and MetaSynth. No other software has been used. (except to make the fade out at the end):

  • Load your own sounds
  • Loops playback at BPM in realtime
  • Save you own custom drum kits
  • Save your Patterns (up to 50 in a file)
  • Swing function
  • Multiple Meters
  • Pan Samples (color in pict matches)
  • Export picture
  • Randomize Pattern
  • Repeat Note Function
  • 4 levels of volume for samples
  • Display lines in Octaves,semi-tones, 5ths and WholeTones
  • Pictures saved have sample data written in Blue
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