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Free MetaSynth Instruments and Presets!

  This drum instrument contains a few damaged/distorted drum samples that were made from a "toy" that allows a six second recording.
385 k
  Instrument samples made from a large African Kalimba
557 k
  This instrument was sampled from a Roland MKS-80. It has a bell like quality but still sounds very analog.
669 k
  This instrument was sampled from an "older" telephone. Have MetaSynth dial for you!
785 k
  A hiccuping "fuzz" bass... it's pretty good for those low trance basses...or for more aggressive textures...
2.2 Megs
  A sampling of the old classic..This instrument came out nice...
5.4 Megs
  This is an electronic drum kit with a touch of reverb added to the samples. It also has a super diving sub kick! Contains 9 presets samples of which #8 really shows off a "typical" MetaSynth style!
2.8 Megs
These are sliced up loops (ala REX) that allow you to change the groove to any tempo! This set is very electronic in nature. MetaCycle
4.1 Megs
Another sliced up loop with variations. We have no idea why it's called "Boo Hoo" - MetaCycle
2.2 Megs
A small set of sliced up loops. The elements are separated into different presets for combining in the MS Montage Room. - MetaCycle
1.4 Megs
A set of distorted multisamples made from sending a saw wave through a MetaSonix TX-1 Agonizer. Nasty. Nasty...
2.4 Megs
A synthy plucky bass set of multisamples made from an MKS-80
585 k
This is an example of presets made with MetaCycle, the REX converter. It shows how a various sounds can be created in just seconds! Change the tempo of these to see the power of MetaCycle/MetaSynth combination!
404 k
These are some drum presets using "Tek Drums". The "Stereo Tek Drum" instrument is part of the additional sounds download from U&I software and is available only to registered MetaSynth Users.
144 k
This is a study on just making pretty pictures in MetaSynth. The focus wasn't to make them sound pretty though. All 87 of them were made in MS, using the various graphic tools available - pen, reverse, invert, paste, merge, angle, etc, etc...
9 Megs
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