"Cool to cut and paste while auditioning in real time in the Filter Room with little tweaks of eQ. " - ng

"Super Fun! "- bp

"I've found this app to be the one I want open all the time!" sl

eQ was developed to quickly help make filter pictures for use in MetaSynth. Easily slide band buttons around on the screen and see the
in the FIlter Picture. Select color or mono pictures, change filter “types”, snap to a grid, randomize and invert the bands quickly.

Available for $10.00

Purchase Keycode

  • Up to 9 bands
  • Mono or Stereo
  • Quantize the bands to grid
  • Invert bands
  • Randomize
  • 8 display modes including:
  • eq - amplitude - volume grid -frequency shelf - circle filters - slopes - crazy diamonds - and glowing orbs!
  • Shuffle resulting picture
  • Copy picture to clipboard
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