MetaCycle - The REX converter for MetaSynth
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MetaCycle is a utility that opens up a great new world of sound possiblities for MetaSynth. At its’ heart, MetaCycle is a REX file converter and an entire folder of REX files can be batch converted in seconds.
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MetaCycle extracts all of the REX information and places all the notes on a canvas at the correct time. It then separates all the slices of audio and creates a multiSampler Instrument for MetaSynth. These loops can be played in any tempo! MetaCycle assists in editing with features such as, randomize pattern, quantize pattern, lines styles, and a unique expanded editor used for the creation of new sounds. MetaCycle comes with a set of REX files to get you started! If you use REX files, this is the essential tool. If you don't use REX files, this may make you consider them in your work.

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  • Load/Convert REX Files
  • Randomize Patterns
  • Batch Convert entire folders in seconds
  • Quantize notes to grid
  • Play at any tempo
  • Exports pattern to MetaSynth Presets
  • Exports slices as MultiSamplers
  • Expandable editor saves expanded versions

Batch convert ENTIRE folders of REX in seconds!

The unique Xpanded Editor places a sample at every 8 pixels and allows for the unique creation of rhythm variations. Pictures can replace note positions keeping the rhythms feel. In MetaSynth, this makes some nice, reverse, grain and pitched sounds.Your own custom pictures can be added to the available list.
Below is an example of the type of picture created in the Expanded Editor:
Automatically create MetaSynth MultiSampler Instruments with the audio slices in place. This also lets you create new presets using the same slices. Converting your REX files into MS instruments will give you access to thousands and thousands of new audio sources.

Listen to the variations of one REX file created in just seconds using MetaCycle and MetaSynth. In this example your'll hear the original first followed by the variations. The reverb is from the MetaSynth Effects Room.


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Download Demo

Want to see what MetaCycle can do for you? Check out the Example Presets to try on your own!

What? You don't have REX files?? Well, don't worry, MetaCycle comes with some! Also, there are plenty of third party REX libraries available. OR you can also do a search on the net for "Free REX files"
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