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"Congratulations, old chap! It’s quite freaking marvelous!" - dc

"A valuable tool !"- bp

"It is nice to be able to save MIDI data as a pict!" hk

This is a neat little utility for OSX that takes a MIDI input source and converts the data into a picture (semi-tones in MetaSynth)! This picture can
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be saved and then imported into U&I software's MetaSynth and further edited! MSMidiPix can also read Standard MIDI files and convert them to pictures!! Think of MSMidiPix as a picture maker of your MIDI input. MSMP is not a sequencer as it doesn't playback what you've entered, but it is an awesome tool when used in conjuction with MetaSynth for quick entry of data. Ever want to play from your MIDI keyboard and put it directly into MetaSynth? Well, now you can!

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Here's an example of textures created in seconds using MSMidiPix:

  • Load/Convert Standard MIDI files
  • Play from any MIDI source
  • Quantize (or not) the notes to grid
  • Create up to 50 pictures
  • Click and Count In to a Beat Per Minute
  • Loop Picture for "over dubbing"
  • Automatically advance to next Picture
  • Change line color
  • Cycle colors to specified interval
  • Undo
  • Multiple line styles
  • Picture tools -Repeat, Blur, Faster and Shuffle
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