Tutorial 01 - Converting MidiPix Pictures to MetaSynth

MidiPix now saves Native MS presets, but in case you needed to combine all those presets into one picture, here's how:

So, you've played a part into MidiPix (or loaded in a Standard MIDI file) and your melody sits across multiple pictures? Well, no fear! With MSMidiPix copy ("c" key), you can paste each picture into position in MS easily with no gaps. If you've exported your MIDIPix session as MS presets under "Tools", you can use the "c" key in MetaSynth to accomplish the same goal. Just load the .preset file and switch back and forth from the preset pictures in MetaSynth.

Here we have a melody that takes up 4 pictures in MSMidiPix. It was played to a click track so it's pretty close to the tempo grid, but some notes do extend further into the next pic. This is the piano Melody from ETech.mp3

If you've exported your session as MS presets you can skip the next paragraph. Merely instead of switching back to MIDIPix, just choose the correct picture preset in MS.

First, we have to remember that MidiPix uses 64 pixel per beat. So we'll have to change that in MetaSynth by double clicking the watch icon and change the pic info. I have a blank picture already saved with this setup in my MetaSynth.presets. So our melody is 8 measures long. So, we'll make our picture size :

Type "g" to add the blue grid on the whole picture. Then Next you'll want to turn on the grid and set it to at least 8 or 16. Now we'll go to MSMidiPix select picture No. 1 and hit "c". Click over to MetaSynth and in our 2048x128 picture, we want to highlight the first 2 measures. Make sure you get the whole measure:

The highlight will "snap" because the grid is on. Then hit "v" (or Paste) Return to MSMidiPix and select picture2. Hit "c" (copy) and return to MS. Highlight the next 2 measures. Type "v" to paste. Continue this process until all of your pics are pasted into your preset. You'll notice that there are no gaps in your melody creating a continuos flow from note to note. Kinda like how you played it! Here's my finished picture. I added another octave by copying "c", raising the octave, and pressing "k" Max Pict. This has been resized:

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