Tutorial 02 - Cool Arpeggios

You can make similar textures such as this one using only MetaSynth, but this tutorial uses the quantize feature in MidiPix to create really nice apreggio textures in MetaSynth. MidiPix allows me as a keyboard player to play from a keyboard to facilitate quick entry of notes to a picture.

First, you'll want to turn Quantize On and Loop on in MidiPix. Press the space bar to start play/rec. Pick a chord and play the notes of the chord all over the keyboard. You can be random with your playing because MidiPix is going to quantize what you play. Continue to loop/play the pic until you get enough lines to your liking. I chose a cm7 chord and my pic looks like this. Yours will be similar.

Now you can either save your pic or press "c" to copy it. Now go to MetaSynth Image Synth. Set the dimensions of your pic to 512x128, A0, semitones, 64 beats per pixel and BPM.

Tip: I have a MetaSynth picture already saved in my MetaSynth.presets default file so I can load this "template" quickly without having to do this over and over.

Once our pic is setup in MS, you can "v" paste your picture into the image or load the saved Pict file. Now we have our image. If you play it, it will play your chord. Here's how mine sounds:

Pretty nice, but let's make it ROCK by adding some echo. Select just the Red channel.Now set the effects grid to 48. and hit "echo" twice. Now change to the Green only channel. Change the effects grid to 96 and hit echo twice. Play your sound. We have a really cool arp pattern! Experiment with changing the wave shape of the synth, multiwave or sound source. Here's how mine came out :

Here's an example of textures created in just minutes this way:

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